“Bosnia’s Constitution says state level institutions are the sole decision makers when it comes to issues regarding migration, visas and asylum, the Chairman of Bosnia’s Council of Ministers, Denis Zvizdic, said in a press release on Tuesday, referring to the recent stopping of a migrant convoy by local police in one of the country’s cantons.

Zvizdic released the press statement in reaction to statements made by ‘certain officials’ in regard to the migrant issue, he wrote.

State institutions had last week organized the transport of some 270 migrants, who had arrived in Sarajevo after crossing the border into Bosnia on their route towards Western Europe, towards an asylum centre in Salakovac, near the southern city of Mostar which lies in the Herzegovina-Neretva canton (HNK).

But HNK police stopped the buses as they approached their area of responsibility, insisting they return to Sarajevo.” (N1)