“Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Denis Zvizdic, condemned Milad Dodik’s statements in Belgrade, which among other things said that ‘Bosnia and Herzegovina has broken the country.’ Zvizdic called Dodik’s statements a tendentious and rampant falsity. We communicate the reaction completely.

‘The tendentious and horrible depiction of untruth and defamation becomes the established practice of Milorad Dodik during his more and more frequent visits to Belgrade. This time, a special place in the process of delivering inaccurate information took completely inaccurate and unfounded statements about the failure of the state institutions to function and the administrative blockade of the construction of the border crossing, terminal and bridge ‘Bratunac-Ljubovija.’

Because of the public in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in Serbia, I want to deny such malicious and false statements that have an undisclosed aim to damage the status and reputation of BiH.

Contrary to Dodik’s unfulfilled desires and unsuspecting dreams, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and all its institutions, and in particular the BiH Presidency and the Council of Ministers of BiH, despite continuing blockades from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republika Srpska, have made steady progress and persistently and surely realize the key priorities of their internal and foreign policy, from European and NATO integration to economic development.'” (translated from Klix)