“Zeljko Komsic, the newly elected Presidency member in Bosnia from among the Croat people, said he expected the attacks against his election and contests of his legitimacy but that he was surprised by their intensity. He stressed, however, that he will be loyal to Bosnia, not Croatia.

‘I’m not glad about what’s happening right now, but I’m surprised about the intensity of it all. I expected something similar, but not this intensity and hysteria,’ Komsic told N1’s Amir Zukic.

Speaking about his ethnicity, as reflected in the fact that he won the most votes for Bosnia’s Presidency member from among the Croat people, Komsic said he did not have to declare as Croat, he did it because he is a Croat.

‘It is my choice and that’s how I was raised and I’m proud of that but I am mostly a citizen of this country. Being a Bosnian is equally mine as being a Croat,’ said the newly elected Presidency member.” (N1)