“The Government of Republic of Macedonia is creating conditions for building a national consensus with all crucial political subjects in order to accelerate the NATO accession, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, who addressed during the ending conference that was a part of the ‘Straightening the youth dialogue for democracy promotion in the spirit of Euro-Atlantic integration’ project organized by the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia, supported by ‘Civica Mobilatis.’

Zaev stressed that the Government is dedicated to finding a solution for the name dispute with Greece.

‘We believe that it is possible through an inclusive approach at home and by building positive ambiance of good neighborly relations and cooperation with the Republic of Greece ‘- said Zaev, who also said that he expects Macedonia to be the next member of NATO and to receive the first invitation for starting the negotiations with EU during the first half of 2018.

He stressed that more than 75% of Macedonia’s citizens are convinced that the Republic of Macedonia deserves the Euro-Atlantic perspectives and that the Government with the support of the citizens and the international partners to pave the way to NATO.” (Meta)