“The real power is is power in the party and over the party. It would be difficult for the president of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) Milo Djukanovic, even if he wins the presidential election, to withdraw from the party and leave it to someone else.

This was announced by Belgrade political analyst Cvijetin Milivojevic and attorney Sergei Sekulovic.

Analysts also say that power is where Djukanovic is, and that if he is the president of the state, he will actively participate in all political events even though this function is in large part a barracks.

DPS did not answer Vijesti’s questions whether Djukanovic would withdraw from the party’s lead if he triumphed in the presidential election. The political director of DPS, Tarzan Milosevic, did not answer the same question.

Milivojevic told Vijesti that Djukanovic wants the same thing as Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, ‘to be coach, captain and key player of the team.’ Milivojević recalled that former Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, after winning the presidential election in 2012 and after Vucic demanded, resigned as president of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and left the party to Vucic in order to ‘be the president of all citizen.’ He left Vucic to the correct party he was making. In Serbia, we now have a paradoxical situation –  Vucic is parallel president of the Republic and the most powerful party in Serbia. Through way of the presidency, he is the leader of of several different bodies, and he has almost led the coordination of security services,’ said Milivojevic, adding that Vucic can see Djukanovic using his political model.” (translated from Vijesti)