“The Human Rights Action (HRA) announced last year that the authorities decided that the independence of the public service of Radio and Television of Montenegro (RTCG) and the Agency for Electronic Media (AEM) from the Council of the Agency, and filling vacant seats with party activists in power, and the illegal dismissal of two members of the RTCG Council, Nikola Vukčević and Goran Djurovic, and Darko Ivanovic.

‘The new members of the RTCG Council have already announced the implementation of a plan for the replacement of the RTCG leadership in favor of party control. The Constitutional Court rejected both Goran Djurović’s constitutional complaint considering that he is obliged to wait for the outcome of a regular civil procedure, although that outcome after two years will not lead to In consequence, the HRA for Djurovic will file an application with the European Court of Human Rights in the next few days, in the meantime, in the procedure for his complaint, the regular court in Montenegro has not yet scheduled a preparatory hearing, “the NGO said in a statement on the occasion of the World Day of Freedom media.” (translated from RTCG)