“Kosovo’s Foreign Trade Agency statistics for June show a deepening of trade deficit by over 23 percent. While Serbia continues to be the main trading partner of Kosovo in the region. The value of imports from Serbia is twice as big as that of Albania.

‘Data from Kosovo Foreign Trade show a higher trade deficit of 23.5% in June 2018, compared to the same period of 2017, ie in the amount of 268.5 million Euro, compared to the deficit of 217.4 million Euros in 2017. Exports covered imports by 12.1%,’ reads the press release of the Statistics Agency.

According to KAS, the export of goods in June 2018 was EUR 37.1 million, while imports amounted to EUR 305.7 million, a decrease of 2.8 percent for exports and an increase of 19.6 percent for imports, compared with the same period last year.

‘According to the data of the main export groups: 27.8% of exports are made up of base metals and articles thereof; 25.9% are mineral products; 10.3% consists of plastics, rubber and articles thereof; 7.9% consist of prepared meals, beverages and tobacco; 7.4% consists of plant products; 4.1% consists of machinery, mechanical and electrical equipment; 3.4% are made up of leather and articles; 2.6% are made up of various manufactured items,’ reads the press release.” (translated from Gazeta Express)

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