“Since the end of the war, NGOs in Bosnia-Herzegovina have flourished. However, they depend on financial aid from abroad. As this flow of money wanes, initiatives crumble. Alicia Prager reports from Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Nina’s and Amar’s* mother was raped during the Bosnian war. The resulting trauma not only affected her, but also her children, who grew up in a troubled environment. “Nina told us her mum once threw glasses at her,” says Lamija Skander, who runs a day care center for vulnerable kids in Zenica, a small city an hour’s bus ride from Sarajevo.

Here, Nina and Amar, both still in primary school, found a safe place to build relationships with their peers and caretakers, and learned to open up socially. Around 30 kids with similar backgrounds of violence or poverty visit the center six days a week.” (Deutsche Welle)