What a busy day it was for us at Balkan Insider at the Atlantic Council event “A Coming Storm? Shaping a Balkan Future in an Era of Uncertainty.” We live tweeted the event from our Twitter, @Balkan_Insider and now we are here to compile a list of local news headlines from Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Kosovo for you to draw your own conclusions about who was the “winner” of the day. We can conclude it was not United Airlines as a result of remarks by Ivica Dacic.


Lajmi: Hoxhaj before diplomats: demarcation will be ratified in January

Telegrafi – Yee: USA will stay in the Balkans

Gazeta Express – Dacic gives Pacolli hand after clashes of recognition in Washington



Sitel (rumor) – Al-Jazeera: Hoyt Yee is the new ambassador to Macedonia, there is still no ambassador

Press 24 – USA: Macedonia is moving in a good direction, using the positive momentum for NATO and the EU


Montenegro news media was quiet about FM Darmanovic in NYC :

Crna.Gora.Me – USA is in a position to help Montenegro



Beta – Dacic: Countries of the region are the most important economic partners

Blic – Dacic: There is no economy without the stabilization of the region

Telegraf: Dacic and Pacolli “eye to eye” for first time since fierce strain (over recognitions)

Vecernji Novosti – Dacic: We did not invent corruption or tax havens