The border demarcation between the two countries is a done deal for one of them, Montenegro. Its parliament has already ratified the 2015 agreement and awaits Kosovo’s parliament to do the same. Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj has called for ‘international arbitration solution for the demarcation of the border with Montenegro,’ but that would require consent from both parties.

Government officials have taken to give statements through the media and Facebook to discuss the issue.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montengro Srdjan Darmnovic has said, “As I already said before, Montenegro has never revoked or cancelled an international treaty its parliament already ratified, and this will not happen now, either. We are, of course, patiently awaiting possible positive developments of events in Kosovo, since this is their internal issue,”

Meanwhile, Kosovo President Hashim Thaci has written “We cannot be held hostage to the whim of anyone or any causes, which not only keep us isolated, but risk to disrupt state relations with Montenegro, and  above all, risk to disrupt the co-operation and trust that Kosovo has with the us, NATO and the EU.” on his Facebook page.

The demarcation is a requirement by the European Union for Kosovo to be granted visa liberalization.

(translated from Novosti)