“The US State Department’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence Laura Cooper said that Montenegro could expect continued support from and presence of the USA in the region. However, she said it was no longer just support but a partnership, since Montenegro was now USA’s NATO ally.

‘The fact that the Vice President Mike Pence has recently visited Montenegro sends a strong message of the US support to the region and its solidarity with Montenegro as a NATO ally,’ Cooper said in an interview with Pobjeda.

Commenting on the Moscow’s meddling in both US and Montenegro’s elections, Cooper called to mind that the US intelligence service announced a clear report which identified cyber-attacks and meddling into the elections in America.

‘It is something repeatedly seen across Europe through media speculations, fake news and cyber-attacks,’ she said adding that the good thing was the fact that the awareness of the threats was raised, as well as the ability to fight them.” (European Western Balkans)