“According to Chapter 14 of the Law on Local Self-Government, ie Article 89, in the municipalities in Macedonia, the official language is the Macedonian language and its Cyrillic alphabet. Furthermore, Article 90 determines which official languages ​​are in the municipalities, and paragraph 1 states: ‘In the municipalities, the official language, besides the Macedonian and its Cyrillic alphabet, is also the language and alphabet used by at least 20% of the inhabitants of the municipality.’ And then, in the second paragraph of the same article, it reads: ‘The council of the municipality decides on the use of languages ​​and letters spoken by less than 20 per cent of the inhabitants of the municipality.’

The developments around the Law on the Use of Languages ​​again raised the issue of the current use of bilingualism, ie multilingualism at the local level. In accordance with the Constitution and the Law on Local Self-Government (ZLS), adopted on January 29, 2002, the Macedonian language and the language of the communities represented by 20% of the population of the municipality, defined in the mentioned Articles 89 and 90 of the ZLS. The Law on Local Self-Government is the first adopted law after the constitutional changes from 2001, that is, after the adoption of the Ohrid Framework Agreement.” (translated from Nova Makedonija)