“After being on the political scene for more than 25 years, Milo Djukanovic is again the president of Montenegro. Although the post of president is largely ceremonial, the re-election of Mr Djukanovic does confirm that Montenegrins are set on joining the European Union, something which might happen in 2025. 

However, the latest EU report on Montenegro claims that there were have been irregularities at polling stations, and that urgent steps need to be taken in the fight against crime. The attack on Olivera Laki, an investigative journalist for the Montenegrin newspaper Vijesti – shot a few days ago outside her home – raised new concerns as to the status of the country. Is Montenegro really ready to enter the European Union? 

‘Milo Djukanovic and [prime minister] Dusko Markovic are extremely deceptive political figures and I would not put much store in what they are saying,’ Filip Kovacevic, a deputy professor at the University of San Francisco and expert on East-Central European and Eurasian affairs, tells Emerging Europe. 

‘The historical record shows that they have always said what their Western interlocutors wanted to hear. I don’t believe that Montenegro will enter the EU while Djukanovic is in power. They will never give up their illegally acquired monopolies which is something membership of the EU would require. So long as Djukanovic is in charge, EU membership is a pipe dream, no matter what he or anybody else from the ruling party says.’” (Emerging Europe)