“Apitourism or bee tourism has become a hive of activity for Slovenia. This bijou land of forests is one of the best places to visit in the world if you love bees or, in fact, if you are a bee. And on 20 May it launches its contribution to the UN’s World Bee Day to help protect these vital pollinators and honey producers.

The industrious insects face declining numbers due to habitat loss, climate change and pesticides, but thankfully this bee-loving nation has their back. Slovenia is also the only EU member state that has given its native honeybee species, the carniolan, protected status as well as being one of the first to prohibit some harmful pesticides.

Beekeeping is one of Slovenia’s oldest and proudest traditions. But it isn’t a remnant of its past, it’s very much part of the country’s modern culture. The nation has an impressive 10,000 beekeepers who produce about 2,000 tonnes of honey a year. And many young people have taken up the tradition. Even the capital Ljubljana is home to a healthy community of urban beekeepers with hives dotted about its roofs, gardens and parks.” (The Telegraph)