“For the first time ever Chinese police officers arrived to Dubrovnik, to monitor the City with their Croatian colleagues. We were more than happy to walk with Lili Long and Chuande Zhang across the Old City and discover why they came here and what their impressions are. During our walk, they were constantly stopped by Chinese tourists, who wanted to take photos with them or just talk and see what it’s like to patrol in Dubrovnik. We’ve got all answers here!

Why did you come to Dubrovnik?

LL: Our main purpose is to help ensure the safety of Chinese tourists who come to Croatia. By this joint patrol program, we can enhance the collaboration between the Croatian and Chinese police forces. I think this is a positive start of the collaboration between the two countries.

CZ: I think that Chinese and Croatian police have a high degree of mutual trust. Through this joint police patrol, we can enhance the security and the confidence and feelings between our two countries.” (full interview available at Dubronvnik Times)