“A land nested in the very core of the tempestuous Balkans is an expression of its diversity, paradoxes, hopes and fears. It was in its capital Sarajevo where the smoldering fire of European restlessness turned into the inferno of the first global conflict in human history. Only a few decades later, the Balkan maze reshaped itself in the aftershock of WW2 and transformed the Kingdom of Yugoslavia into a Socialist Federal Republic. Tensions have always been brewing under the surface in this part of the Europe. The travesties of the 1990s only exposed the deep fractures of its ethnic divides.

Once the whirlwind of the Balkan war subsided, Bosnia and Herzegovina emerged out of the former Yugoslavia as a curious federation of Muslim Bosnians, alongside Christian Serbs and Croats. This was solidified through a mind-boggling institutional structure in an effort to prioritize dialogue over conflict. Against all the odds, the country succeeded at managing its differences and has been growing in confidence ever since. Today, it is the pursuer of the ultimate international stamp of recognition: European Union membership.

Marked by the cruelties of the many transitions, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the embodiment of the ‘round table’ idea. Mr Branko Neskovic shares the bewildering fusion that Bosnia and Herzegovina was born out of, as well as its unique perspective on Europe. The overwhelming principle that guides his words is that of talking to one another. It is no wonder this is important to a country where failure to do so has cost over a 100,000 lives.” (Full Story at Huffington Post)