“Ethnic conflict in Kosovo between Kosovar-Albanians and Kosovar-Serbians has left deep wounds. U.S. Soldiers are deployed to Kosovo to ensure peace is maintained between the two groups.

Interestingly, the commander of the current U.S. Army rotation in Kosovo is Col. Nick Ducich who is Serbian-American. On his brigade staff is Capt. Gent Kepuska who is an Albanian-American from Kosovo.

Ducich’s heritage and his position as commander of Multi-National Battle Group – East has attracted media attention, especially in Serbia.

Kepuska said his own background has attracted interest with the Kosovar-Albanians he interacts with in his position in the Multi-National Battle Group – East effects cell, which requires him to establish relationships with leaders in the Kosovo Security Force, Kosovo Police and Kosovo’s government institutions.” (Full article at DVIDS)