“The fact that the great powers do not recognize or have no intention of recognizing Resolution 1244 means that we only have very little opportunity to do something, said President Aleksandar Vučić .

Vucic said this to the journalists’ question whether Serbia, after frequent attacks on Serbs and speculation by Pristina media about the deployment of security forces on the administrative line, would “introduce” a thousand members of its security forces to Kosovo, as foreseen by the UN resolution.

‘This is not right and that is not fair, but we are fighting in line with the very small possibilities within a very narrow maneuvering space and ours to fight,’ Vučić said.

He clarified, that he personally mentioned the idea of ​​the return of thousands of soldiers and was warned that if we try, we will come to the conflict with the greatest military force in the world.

‘If you try to enter with your army and your police force in Kosovo, NATO will treat it as an enemy act’ the president transmitted the warning he received.

He says he has compared the situation several times, say, with a resolution on Jerusalem, where the Western powers rejected Tramp’s pressure to transfer their embassies to that city, as the White House did.

They said that, he added, they were justified by the fact that such a procedure would be contrary to the resolution on Jerusalem.

‘I told them then that they all behave in an unlawful manner when they destroy Resolution 1244, and then they shrug their shoulders, look at their advisors, and … nothing,’ he said.

This, he says, is a serious situation, and wants to explain to citizens that these people are not interested in law and Resolution 1244, but force and factual situation.

‘Only true force is valid, and accordingly we have to work hard to preserve peace and security, and that we all build a better life and a stronger economy,’ Vucic said.” (translated from Telegraf)