“‘I am happy that the President of Russia respects the fact that Serbia, as a small country, has managed to preserve its independence, sovereignty in decision-making and ability to maintain that position,’ said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in an interview with Sputnik for the day after being informed that Vladimir Putin decorated Alexander Nevsky’s Ordinary.

Asked if it is easy to maintain such a position in a situation where it differs from the attitudes of many world powers, he added: ‘and endure all the heavy pressures, keep the country on the wind patterns, and make dynamic progress, as Serbia says – but all this we are succeeding.’

The Order of Alexander Nevsky, he said, is an immense honor for him personally, but also for the Republic of Serbia.

‘I think this is the key reason why President Putin shows such respect for the Republic of Serbia. I think that he understands well, unlike many in Serbia and Russia, who would always want to see something else. I think President Putin perfectly understands the position of Serbia, knows how difficult and complex it is, knows how easy it is for big and powerful Russia, then you can think about the position of the small Serbia,’ added the president of Serbia.” (translated from Politika)