“‘I’m obsessed with Kosovo. Without resolving the problem everything I have achieved so far won’t be sustainable,’ Aleksandar Vucic has told the Financial Times.

‘The first crisis will kill us,’ he added.

Tnjug is reporting this on Tuesday, citing the daily’s interview with Vucic, and its analysis of the position of Serbia and Vucic in the context of solving the Kosovo issue, and of the country’s EU membership bid.

According to the article, published on FT’s website, ‘to qualify for EU membership, Vucic must first resolve the disputed status of Kosovo’ – while EU officials ‘want Vucic to sketch out his proposals in the coming months to kick-start talks with Kosovo’s leaders.’

The FT also observed that most Serbs ‘still regard Kosovo as the birthplace of the nation and the Serbian Orthodox Church, and remain staunchly opposed to its secession’ – as the 28-member EU is ‘not imposing its own solution because Spain and four others refuse to recognize Kosovo’s independence, largely for fear of setting secessionist precedents for their own countries.'” (B92)