“Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said he had “a good, open, content-rich and important conversation” with a visiting US State department official.

According to Vucic, the conversation with Wess Mitchell was important for relations between Serbia and the United States, and they talked about several topics, but above all about Kosovo and Metohija.

‘Our positions are quite different, different and distant in terms of Kosovo. It is important that Mitchell, unlike many others, did not just want to hear, but also to listen. I’m grateful to him for that. To the extent that we understand the views of the West on the issue of independence, so I asked Michael Michel to listen to our views and have enough understanding, perhaps understand some of our positions,’ Vucic said.

According to Vucic, Serbia and the US do not agree on ‘the security forces in Kosovo’ – but do about ‘peace and dialogue in Brussels under the auspices of the EU.’

‘We know that Kosovo is the most difficult obstacle, that is whjy Serbia is ready to discuss possible compromises. However, no matter how mall Serbia may be for many world powers, for us is the most important, we can only accept a compromise solution. Every compromise is difficult, but it must be accepted by one, the other and the third party,’ said Vucic.

‘Serbia has fulfilled all its obligations from the Brussels agreement – judiciary, police, civil defense, telecommunications… Albanians had only one obligation, and from the international legal contract, which is the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO), and they did not fulfill that. Thank you to Mitchell for saying in Pristina said that it has not been fulfilled. I will be open, I think that will come to nothing, they would have done it in the past five years if they wanted to,’ said Vucic.” (B92)