“Russia strongly condemns the ‘terrorist act’ of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic and requires an adequate investigation with the participation of representatives of competent Serbian authorities in full capacity, as well as international organizations, in accordance with UN Resolution 1244, said today Russian Ambassador Alexander Chepurin in a conversation with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučićem.

Chepurin also pointed out that the visit of Vučić to Kosovo and Metohija is a brave act, said the Service for Cooperation with the Amendments of the President.

The Ambassador expressed his condolences over the murder of Oliver Ivanovic and stressed that Russia resolutely condemns this terrorist act.

The Russian ambassador emphasized that Kosovo and Metohija is still more visible than non-compliance with the provisions of the Brussels Agreement on the Community of Serb Municipalities by Pristina, as well as the problem with the functioning of the Court for KLA crimes.” (translated from Vecernji Novosti)