“Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said he supports the process of dialogue with Pristina and hopes for a compromise, but that he does not have too much hope that this will happen by the end of this year. He emphasized that ‘we need a period of peace and stability more than anything else.’

Vucic told this to Sputnik in an interview in Davos where the World Economic Forum is being held. He spoke about Brussel’s request to resolve border issues before entering the EU. 

When asked why he does not want to help the Serbs in Kosovo with weapons, Vucic replied:

‘I think it’s far more important for Kosovo Serbs to get new schools, new kindergartens, get more economic aid, tractors and livestock – something that can help them live. They have to survive living in difficult circumstances. First of all, the most important thing is to survive in their homes, and then to improve their standard of living. The third is to create a future for themselves in their children. That’s what we have to do.'” (translated from Vecernji Novosti)