“‘To get as much as we can, and lose the least we have to, that is what we are fighting for when it comes to Kosovo, under almost impossible conditions,’ President Aleksandar Vucic said today, expressing the belief that we will not get less than that which is necessary for Serbia.

In an interview with Pink, Vucic pointed out that that we did not fight the Albanians, but against many Western countries behind Kosovo’s independence, including the United Kingdom.

‘You see what Britain is doing through its agency offices in central Serbia, in Kosovo, in the north of Macedonia,’ he noted.

He reminded of the events that led to Kosovo’s independence, including all the moves that Western countries stood for, promoters of Kosovo’s independence, but also on the fact that, as he said, the former authorities did not have to react to these events, and how much and when they responded, mostly with statements – they were ‘without plan and ideas’ and reacted in accordance with internal daily political needs.” (translated from Politika)