“Speaking on Wednesday in Kraljevo, central Serbia, where he attended the police-military exercise Joint Strike, the president also said that “the citizens will be the ones who will decide on their future.”

‘Some mind me saying that I will not be making a decision on the solution for Kosovo and Metohija without asking the citizens, and claim I would ask them in order to hide behind them, use them as a fig leaf,’ Vucic said.

‘I never hide. I did not hide when we had to reduce salaries and pensions to recover the country and save it from bankruptcy. I did not hide and I will not hide when we are increasing salaries and pensions, because we healed the system and showed that we are responsible and serious, unlike some before us,’ he said.

Vucic added that his policy will not be to remain silent in the face of ‘someone destroying crosses and churches, declaring independence, the International Court of Justice deciding, on our request, that independence had been declared legally.'” (B92)