Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic pointed out tonight after talks with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in Moscow that Russia will undoubtedly and clearly state its views on Kosovo and Metohija.

‘Without Russia, without Moscow’s consent, it is impossible, which is very important and what I said to Putin is to get any solution. Russia will closely follow the contents of our conversations and everything that happens and react in a timely manner in a certain way does not mean direct negotiations, because they are led by the EU, but in a very active and essential way. They will participate in monitoring the entire process and relations between Belgrade and Pristina, particularly being influenced by the international factor in this issue,’ he explained in a statement to journalists of Serbian media who were following his visit to Moscow …

Putin is coming to Serbia by the end of the year

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said in Moscow today that Russian President Vladimir Putin accepted his invitation and would visit Serbia before the end of the year.

‘I have invited President Putin and I am pleased to say that President Putin arrives in Serbia and will arrive by the end of the year,’ Vucic said in addressing journalists of Serbian media in Moscow.” (translated from Tanjug)