“Serbia is engaged in politics of peace, and will not deal with guns and weapons, President Aleksandar Vucic said in response to the threats by Hashim Thaci.

Thaci said earlier that he would respond to alleged threats from Serbia ‘with guns, just like 19 years ago.’

Vucic, who was today in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, said that it was ‘up to us to respond to Thaci’s mention of guns calmly,’ and then recalled that ‘it was not his guns, but some foreign planes that were destroying Serbia.”

Vucic added that Thaci’s statement should be ‘carefully read’ – i.e., him saying that 19 years ago, the border between “the two countries of the Albanian nation” was removed.

‘Some from the international community should be asked what they think about that, and whether that is why Serbia was attacked in 1999,’ Vucic noted, referring to NATO’s bombing of his country.” (B92)