“Three months have passed since the evening when an unknown attacker from the back shot Olivera Lakic in front of the newsstand ‘Vijesti’ in front of the entrance of her building.

Despite all the reaction of the media community and the NGO sector about the vulnerability of journalists and the media in Montenegro, the promises of the state leadership that somebody “will have to answer” for this, but also demands the public appeals of the international community to discover the perpetrators and the perpetrators of crimes, more there is no progress in the investigation of Lakic’s wounding.

Several State Prosecutors considered the attack on a journalist as an attempted murder, and they did not answer yesterday from that institution whether they had any new knowledge about the incident. Several unofficial sources of “Vijesti” claim that the investigation of Lakic’s wounding is in place, that is, that he still has no responsibility for this act.

Oliver Lakic was shot dead on May 8, just before 21:00, after she parked the car after returning from work and set off to enter the building. The insight was made that night and for a few hours the following morning, but nothing was found that would indicate the perpetrator or serve as evidence if it was eventually discovered, including the grain, which passed through the right foot of Lakic’s.” (translated from Vijesti)