“The US Agency for International Development (USAID) launched a program to assist the media in the Balkans in their struggle for independence and survival in the time of digitization, as well as the political and economic pressures brought by modern democracy.

The project ‘Balkan Media Assistance Program’ will be implemented for the next seven years in BiH, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo.

Media houses and partners will provide more substantial and stable resources to become sustainable, engage a wider audience, expand their reach in the region, and encourage stronger partnerships in order to advance solutions to the challenges of common challenges, especially in the digital space.

Željko Ivanović from Montenegro who works for the media “Vijesti” said that the media in the region are exposed to pressures, destruction and struggles to survive, and in order to survive and be competitive they have to make big investments.

‘This is a story that the media that survived the 1990s dictatorship and succeed in survival of democracy should help develop operations in the digital world and under economic and political pressure carry out their mission, which is objectively and truthfully informing citizens and the public about what is happening in the home country, the region and the world,’ Ivanovic said.” (translated from Klix)