“The OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the United States Embassy and the Office of the High Representative strongly condemn the cynical use of the Commission Report on the events in and around Srebrenica in 2004 for political purposes in the pre-election period.

‘Politicization of the report does not contribute to justice and reconciliation, undermines the rule of law, does not represent European values ​​and, ultimately, poses a threat to the process of achieving justice for all victims of war crimes, regardless of ethnicity,’ the joint statement said.” (translated from Klix)

“The EU /EUSR delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina rejects any attempts to deny genocide committed in Srebrenica, the delegation said after the National Assembly of Republika Srpska held a special session today to discuss the 2004 Srebrenica Commission Report.
‘In this context, the European Union rejects any denial, relativization or misinterpretation of the genocide in Srebrenica. We also condemn the use of inflammatory ethno-political rhetoric and actions.'” (translated from klix)