“The Embassy of the United States of America in Bosnia and Herzegovina issued a statement denying allegations of the use of depleted uranium in a future military exercise scheduled to be held in 2019.

‘Some politicians continue to use the fictitious story of the so-called’ NATO exercises ‘to scare the citizens of BiH, despite our continuous efforts to ensure accurate and timely information about the exercise. The US Embassy decisively rejects all the speculation and claims about this exercise,’ among others in a statement of the Embassy of BiH in Sarajevo.

The US Embassy explains that they have repeatedly pointed out that it is currently being submitted to the recommendation for the approval of a bilateral exercise by the National Guard of the State of Maryland and the Armed Forces of BiH (OS BiH) to be held in 2019.

‘As part of the continued, close cooperation between BiH and the United States in the field of security, the US Department of Defense (ODC), US Embassy, and Maryland National Guard are currently working with the BiH Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of BiH in order for the Presidency BiH has prepared a recommendation.If an agreement is reached, this activity will be very similar to the previous exercises that have been conducted throughout BiH and the region under the State Partnership Program in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia and Slovenia. exercises will not include the use of depleted uranium or combat ammunition. Ammunition intended for training that is not harmful to the environment is used during this exercise,’ the US Embassy states.” (translated from Nezavisne Novina)