“The US Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Maureen Cormack visited the Srebrenica municipality today, where she paid tribute to victims of genocide in the Potocari Memorial Center and met with members of the Association of Women of Srebrenica.

After the visit to Srebrenica, Ambassador Cormack met with the Mayor of the Municipality Mladen Grujčić and his deputy, Nermin Alivuković, and discussed the current political, economic and security situation.

‘We presented what we did, and I asked for support for Srebrenica for at least another two years through different projects. If we realize everything we have planned, then we will no longer have the need for some tremendous support, but we will be able to function on our own resources,’ he said after the meeting, the Mayor Mladen Grujicic.

Deputy Chief of the Municipality of Srebrenica Nermin Alivuković said that the US ambassador was also talking about preparations for marking on July 11th.” (translated from Klix)


Seen on the Twitter of US Embassy Sarajevo: “I hope leaders in will come together to work for their citizens. As in all of , people here deserve a future focused on development, stability, and security” – Amb Cormack in , May 16