“Domino’s Pizza (NYSE: DPZ), the largest pizza company in the world based on global retail sales, is continuing its global growth momentum with the opening of its first store in Kosovo. This was accomplished through a partnership with Anatron, the master franchisee in the Balkan region, and ICSG, the local franchisee for Kosovo. A grand opening celebration is being held today at the new flagship store in Pristina with local dignitaries and Domino’s executives.

‘We are thrilled to bring the Domino’s brand to Kosovo,’ said Edon Myftari, chief executive and managing partner of ICSG LLC. ‘We are looking forward to delivering hot, made-to-order pizza to this community, while also providing a beautiful new store for them to enjoy in person.'” (PR Newswire)
“Good morning.  It’s really great to be here with you all to welcome Domino’s Pizza to Kosovo. Domino’s arrival follows on the heels of other U.S. franchises in Kosovo, such as KFC and Marriott, and we’re excited to have yet another major American brand here.The story of Domino’s exemplifies the promise of U.S. businesses.  Two brothers founded the company in 1960 in their hometown.  What began as one store is now the largest seller of pizza, in terms of sales, and has over 14,000 stores worldwide.

One reason for the popularity of American franchises is their commitment to quality.   For this reason, it is not easy to obtain a franchise. Companies like Domino’s require that any franchisee meet strict criteria because the local franchises serve as brand ambassadors for the company.

A franchise is also a sign of confidence in a country.  Franchises like Domino’s do extensive research before moving into a new country.  An investment by Domino’s in Kosovo is an investment by one of the most successful U.S. brands in the international market.   When other U.S. companies see what Domino’s and other franchises are doing in Kosovo, they will be more inclined to explore their own opportunities here.” (US Embassy in Kosovo)