“The celebration of the day of the municipality of Gornji Milanovac was attended by US Ambassador Kyle Scott who expressed gratitude on behalf of the American people for all the good works that the people of Gornji Milanovac did for the US Army in the Second World War.

“Americans can not forget all the good deeds that the locals of this region did for American aviators, who were kept and fed in their homes during World War II,” Scott said.

On the question of looking at the NATO bombing, nearly two decades have passed, Scott has said he is trying to maximally improve the relations of the Serbian and American people through his work, and notes that What happened in the nineties can not change.

“It is almost impossible to answer if this could be avoided. Poor communication between the statesmen has led to numerous victims, but from this distance we can not claim who made the wrong decision. What is most important is to look forward and to we are still working on good relations between Americans and Serbs, “Scott said.” (translated from Vecernje Novosti)