“The Ambassador of the United States of America in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Maureen Cormack, has held a meeting together with the Head of the European Union Delegation to BiH and the EU Special Representative to BiH Larsom Gunnar Wigemark, and political actors, this eventing (Tuesday) at the residence of the American Ambassador to Sarajevo.

US and European representatives spoke with the leader of the Alliance for a Better Future of BiH Fahrudin Radoncic.
In a statement to reporters, Radoncic did not provide more details on the topics of the meeting, except that he generally said that there was a political situation in BiH, and responding to journalistic questions, adding that amendments to the Election Law and the Criminal Procedure Code were discussed. In the current political constellation in BiH, where the agreement of domestic actors on these issues is lacking, Radončić claims that his party ‘has never been a problem’ and hopes that a solution can still be reached.
Ambassador Cormack and Wigemark stressed that the international community will not impose solutions to these problems to BiH political leaders because it is solely for them to reach a compromise that will suit every party and every citizen of BiH.
‘These are no new Dayton interviews,’ Wigemark said, pointing out that his presence and the presence of Ambassador Cormack merely meant the United States and the European Union’s intention to help and support finding solutions acceptable to the BiH peoples, that is, the solution that will receive the majority support in Parliament.” (translated from Klix)