“Bosnian Border Police have dispersed some 200 migrants away from the Maljevac border crossing who attempted to cross the border and enter the Republic of Croatia on Tuesday afternoon.

According to N1’s Aida Hadzimusic, three persons were injured, and an ambulance vehicle was present on the scene.

Earlier on Tuesday, some 200 migrants came to the Maljevac border crossing in the north-west of Bosnia, insisting that the border be open so they could continue their journey to the European Union countries.

The migrants’ push to cross the border led to a clash with the police, but they still remained on the Bosnian side of the border. Disgruntled, they refused to leave the area lighting campfires and setting up their tents in an attempt to spend the night there and yelling ‘border, border.'” (N1)

Some 50 migrants reboarded the train from Sarajevo to Bihac after being already returned from there via bus, because their entrance to the city was banned by the local police. The local police said all the migrants will be returned from this north-western town.

A group of 99 migrants arrived in Bihac by train on Tuesday morning. They were returned to the “Usivak” migrant centre in Hadzici, near Sarajevo, in central Bosnia.

“This operation was conducted in cooperation between the Una-Sana Canton (USC) Police Commissioner Mujo Koricic and the state Security Minister Dragan Mektic,” the Cantonal Interior Minister spokesperson Snezana Galic said.” (N1)