“UMD (United Macedonian Diaspora) President Metodija A. Koloski was recently interviewed by Greek journalist Thanasis Tsitsas for ANT1 TV from Greece on UMD’s position for #Macedonia’s government to end the UN-led name negotiations.

The video has not been published yet, however, the written article can be found by clicking HERE.

Below is the English word-for-word translation done by Eugenia Natsoulidou.

Everywhere it said ‘Skopian,’ we replaced with ‘MACEDONIAN,’ and everywhere it said ‘FYROM,’ we replaced with ‘MACEDONIA.’

Leader of the MACEDONIAN Diaspora in the USA: Immediate withdrawal from negotiations.

Withdrawing from the negotiations asks the leader of the MACEDONIAN diaspora in the United States, who names Nimetz proposals as ‘ridiculous.’

The American, of MACEDONIAN origin, Meto Koloski, head of the United ‘Macedonian’ Diaspora that represents MACEDONIANs in the USA, Canada and Australia, launched the campaign ‘We are Macedonia,’ a global initiative that was spread out by various Skopje organizations scattered in countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The campaign has a central slogan to reject the talks and send a message that they will not allow a name change.

The campaign ‘We are Macedonia’ has gathered 23,000 signatures and has organized 12 rallies throughout the world.” (Full Article at UMD)