In an e-mail blast from the United Macedonian Diaspora, the organization has rejected changes to the name of the Republic of Macedonia. The e-mail reads:

“The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) categorically rejects Zoran Zaev’s attempts to change Macedonia’s Constitution and impose a “new name” on Macedonia and the Macedonian people. The ‘fourth Ilinden’ will take place when a true statesman is born in Macedonia who will withdraw the country from the ridiculous United Nations-led “negotiations” over Macedonia’s name and identity.

‘We currently have a name – the Republic of Macedonia. Zaev’s suggestion to change our name to ’Republika Ilindenska Makedonija,’ and willingness to acquiesce to Greece’s position of ‘erga omnes,’ in addition to his attempts to redefine Macedonia’s fabric as a bi-national state, have jeopardized the very pillars on which the Macedonian nation rests,’ said UMD Chairman Stojan Nikolov. ‘Instead of embarrassingly attempting to redefine and rename the country, Zaev should be focusing on the economy and the rule of law – leading to the creation of more jobs by the private sector and a reduction in dependency on the government (and the political party that is in power).’
Media reported that the Greek government and opposition parties found Zaev’s proposal unacceptable, begging the question: Does Greece really want to resolve this issue (which it instigated)? And does Greece want to have its northern neighbor as a full member of Euro-Atlantic institutions? Sadly, Greek politicians have outplayed their Macedonian counterparts in the diplomacy arena. In order to appear constructive, Zaev again demonstrated naivety, humiliating himself and frustrating the Macedonian nation, as he did when he renamed the highway in Macedonia.” (source: UMD)