“The United Nations is urging authorities in Kosovo to have a clear strategy to deter potential fighters from joining Islamic extremists in Syria and Iraq, and to offer more employment possibilities and education.

An independent U.N.-commissioned report, made available to The Associated Press on Tuesday, examined returned foreign fighters and the reasons that Kosovars joined extremist groups.

It also urged Kosovo and international bodies to develop better policies to prevent violent extremism.

According to Kosovo police, 335 citizens have traveled to or been caught en route to conflict zones in Syria and Iraq since 2012, making Kosovo one of Europe’s largest exporters of foreign fighters on per capita basis. They included 253 were men, 55 women and 27 children…

‘Investing in increasing employment opportunities and improving the employability of Kosovo’s workforce through better quality education that offers skills sought after in the labor market could be both a measure to prevent violent extremism and aid the disengagement and reintegration of those who have previously joined extremist groups,’ said the report.” (ABC News)