“The United Nations Secretary-General warned on Wednesday that the building of a road near a Serb Orthodox Monastery in Kosovo was against the law and said he was worried by the lack of any results in the investigation into the murder of a local Serb leader, the FoNet news agency reported.

António Guterres added he was contented with the continuation of the Belgrade – Pristina dialogue on normalisation of relations, adding that though there had been no results from the talks yet, ‘it was essential to continue with the meetings which offer new possibilities for a solution.’

In his report on the situation in Kosovo covering the period between April and July, he said he was concerned  by the plan to build the road in the protected zone surrounding the Visoki Decani monastery and called on the local authorities to respect laws and decisions which said that any construction in the area was prohibited.

Guterres also referred to the murder of a prominent Kosovo Serb politician, slain on January 16, outside his party’s headquarters in Northern Mitrovica.

‘I notice, with growing worry, that the murder of Oliver Ivanovic hasn’t been solved six months after it happened. I call on Kosovo authorities to intensify the investigation and use all available channels that can help them,’ Guterres said in the report carried by Serbia’s state RTS television.” (N1)