“Two weeks ago I appeared on N1. Zvonko Komsic asked me some tough and insightful questions, particularly on the political situation and what BiH politicians should do on the EU path. To several of the questions I gave the same answer – ‘They need to form governments quickly, and get on with reforms’. This repetition probably did not make for great TV. But it is the starting point of everything that needs to happen in this country. Reforms need to get going again, and that means forming all levels of government as quickly as possible. Politicians have a lot to get on with.

I have seen many political campaigns, in this region and elsewhere, but I don’t remember ever seeing one with less focus on improving citizens’ lives. Where were the concrete plans for making voters more prosperous, secure and happy? Scratch below the ‘we need more jobs / pay / justice’, and there were few ideas on show. Citizens should now expect, and call for, action.” (full blog available at Office of the Commonwealth of the United Kingdom)