“By the end of 2017, the Republic of Macedonia had made significant steps toward renewing democracy, engaging in regional cooperation and advancing integration with the United States and Western Europe.

This accomplishment is all the more impressive considering that at the beginning of the year, our small Balkan country was mired in a deep political crisis.

In the mid-2010s, I took it upon myself, as leader of the biggest opposition party, the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM), to initiate a project ‘Truth about Macedonia.’

I revealed wire-tapped materials that exposed a system of corrupt governance and gross abuse of power. I expected the corrupt politicians in power and wrongdoers would resign in three days; however, it would take us two-and-a-half years to drain the swamp in our capital, Skopje.

By the start of 2017, 10 years of authoritarian rule in the Republic of Macedonia created internal divisions and external tensions with neighboring countries including Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo, and Albania.

The Republic of Macedonia had become a center of geopolitical intrigue with increasing opportunities for external powers with anti-democratic values and norms to meddle in the internal affairs of our country.” (Full article on NewsMax)