“‘Let’s fight this terrorist organization’, said Turkish ambassador to Macedonia, Tulin Erkal Kara when referring to the private school ‘Yahya Kemal’. Her comments came while she promoted the ‘Marif’ Foundation yesterday in Skopje, reports Portalb.mk.

She went further as she appealed to parents to enroll their children in the ‘Marif’ Foundation, warning ‘if they do not want to be terrorists in the future’.

‘I appeal to all of you and the public, to come, all of us together, and register our children in the schools of the Marif Foundation. If we, as parents, do not want our children to be the terrorists of the future, then we should direct them to the schools of ‘Marif’ because ‘Yahya Kemal’ does not represent us. Come and fight this terrorist organization, in an effective way, and not just on a declarative level’, said Kara.

Portalb.mk requested a comment from the Turkish Embassy in Macedonia concerning Ambassador Kara’s statement, but did not receive an answer to their question: ‘Does the Embassy have the same opinion as Ambassador Kara and does this means that children who study at ‘Yahya Kemal College’ are terrorists?'” (Meta)