“It seems that the position of Germany on the Kosovo issue has become less rigid, after a phone conversation between the Chancellor Angela Merkel and the United States president Donal J. Trump on Monday.

Today, Merkel revealed that she and Trump have discussed about the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina; furthermore, she added that they both support every kind of negotiation that could result into resolving the dispute.

Earlier this month Merkel excluded border changes as a solution, a proposal idea put on the table by the presidents of Serbia and Kosovo Aleksandar Vucic and Hasim Thaci respectively. In the meantime, however, American national security advisor John Bolton said the opposite; that Washington does not exclude border changes. This represents a major change in the American policy concerning Western Balkans. Since the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s, the West has striven to preserve the post-conflict established borders.” (Balkan EU)