“It’s been exactly three months since the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. He was shot six times in the back on January 16 early in the morning on his way to work, in front of his party premises in North Mitrovica. Almost two months later, the investigation was transferred to the Special Prosecution Office of Kosovo due to the “complexity” of the case. Still, to this date, those who gave the order and those who did it have not been discovered. There are no suspects, or a court procedure. The other court procedure – against Oliver Ivanovic himself – has been suspended. He spent three and a half years in custody, then he was sentenced to 9 years of imprisonment for war crimes, he managed to get out on a bail and defend himself before the Kosovo and EULEX judges and prosecutors, repeatedly claiming together with his defense lawyers that it was “a staged political procedure”. The Serbian public shared his opinion, as well as the international representatives who knew him personally and whom he had cooperated with for nearly 20 years. The prosecution witnesses, Kosovo Albanians, did not incriminate him and shook hands with him during the trial. At the retrial, the defense lawyers and Ivanovic announced the indictment fiasco. Oliver Ivanovic was buried in the Citizens of Merits Alley in Belgrade, while there were no commemoration sessions held in North Mitrovica or other northern municipalities. He was the most prominent Serb politician from Kosovo since 1999.” (KosSev)