President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci urged parliamentarians to pass the border demarcation with Montenegro on Wednesday, the day European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker visits Pristina. He wrote on Facebook:

“Tomorrow is a special day, but also very significant for our European future. For the first time, our country is visited by the European Commission President with the highest level delegation.

There are those who expect the demarcation vote to publicly confirm the implementation of criteria for visa liberalization by Kosovo institutions.

Once again, as the country’s president, I invite the entire political spectrum represented in the Kosovo Assembly to vote unanimously for the demarcation with Montenegro at the next session, regardless of ethnicity.

Kosovo citizens need immediate freedom of movement, like all other Europeans. No one has the right to hold the European future of the country hostage.

Neither those who claim to establish new conditions for voting nor those who on the one hand express goodwill for the voting of the agreement, but seek the postponement of the vote. In addition to voting for ratification, everything else is just a trick.

Therefore, I believe in the responsibility of the Deputies that tomorrow they will think and vote in the service of the citizens and none of them will enter the non-European agenda.

Any postponement or non-voting for ratification tomorrow means confirmation of the isolation of Kosovo’s citizens by its elect, on the most important day of the visit by the European Commission President.” (translated from Facebook)