“The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, attended today the promotion ceremony of the five members of the non-majority communities in the First Battalion of the Kosovo Security Force.

President Thaci initially congratulated for this great step of the KSF towards the building of a professional and inclusive force, where according to him all the communities of Kosovo take part and is in the service of all the citizens of Kosovo.

‘Today we mark the promotion of the five members of the Kosovo Security Force. All come from non-majority communities, thus increasing their presence in the KSF, and contributing to the realization of the aspiration we have for our security force,’ stressed President Thaci

He said that these five KSF members have passed the foreseen training and tests and from today will hold the rank of NCO’s of the KSF and that according to him ‘The training and tests each member of the KSF passes through are prepared by NATO, according to NATO standards. By this the professionalism of the KSF of NATO level is aimed,’ continued President Thaci.” (RTKLive)