“After negotiations about the Election Law changes have failed, Bosnian leaders are seeking a temporary solution that would allow the implementation of the results of the upcoming election and divert a political crisis.

Talks about the changes to Bosnia’s Election Law have been going on for two years.

Bosnia is divided into two entities – one dominated by Serbs, the other shared by Bosniaks and Croats. The country has a power-sharing system in which three nations are supposed to share it equally but in reality, in the entity shared by Bosniaks and Croats, Bosniaks can elect a Croat representative because of they are numerically superior.

The main Bosnian’ Croat party, the Croatian Democratic Party (HDZ) views such elected officials as illegitimate.

In December 2016, the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) ruled partially in favour of a complaint lodged by former HDZ politician, Bozo Ljubic.

He argued that the Croat influence in cantons with a majority Bosniak population was unfairly diminished in the selection of delegates. Therefore Croat candidates should be elected only out of majority Croat cantons, thereby ensuring that only Croats vote for Croat delegates.” (N1)