“Representatives of the rule of law institutions in Kosovo emphasize that despite receiving a positive recommendation from the European Commission on visa liberalization, the responsible institutions will continue their commitment to strengthening the rule of law, fighting organized crime and corruption.

The positive recommendation does not mean the conclusion of the entire visa liberalization process, since the final decision requires the adoption of this recommendation by two EU institutions , the Parliament and the Council of Ministers.

Kosovo Justice Minister Abelar Tahiri told Radio Free Europe that Kosovo institutions are generally committed to empowering the rule of law.

‘We are confident that the Republic of Kosovo will be ready for further steps in the European agenda in the future. So, visa liberalization is just another step, and now we expect other steps, such as the moment when Kosovo will open negotiations for membership in the European Union, are chapters related to strengthening the rule of law and we will prepare for this process in advance. I can confirm that we are on a very good path to this process,’ Tahiri said.” (translated from Radio Evropa e Lire)