“The European Union (EU) will not deviate from the agreement on the demarcation that Montenegro and Kosovo have signed. The Kosovo government has to fulfill all conditions in order to obtain visa liberalization, said the Swiss Ambassador in Pristina, Jean Hubert Lebet.

He considers that the conditions set for Pristina for obtaining visa liberalization are fair, and that Kosovo is ‘the only country in the Western Balkans that did not get visa liberalization for the Schengen area.’

‘In order to get (visa liberalization), the government has to fulfill certain conditions, and they are quite fair,’ said Lebet. He added that he saw no way for Kosovo to obtain visa liberalization without the fulfillment of these conditions.

As reported by Pristina Koha, he reiterated that neither Montenegro nor the EU want to change the agreement on demarcation.

Lebet said the embassy in Kosovo annually issued 37,000 visas, which is a big problem for people who seek them.” (translated from Vijesti.me)